Gaussian improves investor sentiment and unlocks value.

Gaussian identifies reasons for undervaluation in GEM equity in 4 areas: (1) communications with stakeholders, (2) finding the right long-term investors, (3) mitigating risks, industry-related and company-specific, and (4) unlocking value trapped in balance sheets.

  • Tailor enterprise investment case and outward messaging to specific needs of institutional money managers with a disciplined approach.

  • Improve investor sentiment through best practices in day-to-day communication, releases of corporate news, and other information dissemination

  • Ensure you communicate with appropriate frequency, cadence, and care, unlocking them as ambassadors to fellow investors

Investor communications


  • Categorize potential investors by dozens of metrics, including risk tolerance, appetite for financial technology, investment time horizon, broader investment strategy, fund size, and location, prioritizing those who believe in your prospects and are prepared to commit for the long-haul

  • Engage and track investor sentiment using a state-of-the-art CRM, addressing problems before they surface and furnishing constant and actionable feedback

  • Prepare tactical investor-focused event calendar, including broker conferences in your discipline and shareholder roadshows, to maximize impact with the most relevant funds and money managers growing a “quality” shareholder base —unlike brokers wishing to maximize their P&Ls by aiming the clients who actually pay them—.

Finding the right long-term investors


  • Assess what industry-related causes are dragging equity values, cyclical as well as secular

  • Suggest financial and operational strategies to tackle various risk sources both through tailwinds and headwinds.

  • Identify internal reasons for poor performance or under-performance, based on our multi-sector consulting experience with all manner of companies from small-cap to Fortune 100, and help unlock value from fixing them

  • Reasons may include organizational structure, governance, process flows, and balance sheet management

Mitigating industry-related and company specific risks 


  • Help enterprises identify hidden or trapped assets to unlock value.

  • The assets include those understated in balance sheets or those unrecognized by investors, intellectual property or physical assets.

  • The process of value enhancement may involve spin-offs, sales or investor education aimed at crystallizing value.

Unlocking value in hidden assets


GEM and tech focused.

Institutional and corporate clients. Gaussian provides enterprise, industry and strategic research tailored to the needs of its institutional and corporate clients.

Bespoke consultancy. Gaussian provides bespoke consultancy services. Gaussian helps its enterprise clients identify hidden or trapped assets to unlock value via spin-offs, sales or investor education. 

GEM and tech focused. Gaussian team provides financial and consultancy services for enterprises operating in global emerging markets tech. Gaussian experts have experience covering a broad range of industries and can allocate resources on short notice. 


A top-ranked team.

Gaussian have wealth of experience with small to mid-size enterprises, public and private. Gaussian's team of industry and region experts, led by Dr Haluk Akdogan, bring together top-ranked equity research capacity, business consultancy and unparalleled experience in mid-corporates operating in EMEA region. We straddle the line between equity research and investor relations to serve our clients. The team fosters a powerful network of niche businesses. The Gaussian collective is tight knit, hard won, and grows very selectively.